Become Data Independent – Learn To Master The Art Of Data

Who is this for?

Data Independent is a hub for anyone to make the jump from “I’ve used Excel” to “here is a full analysis and take away.”

I started my career in finance, I had done excel for most of my life. Yet I still didn’t know anything about how to make my own tools, automate my work, and express my creativity through analysis.

One day, a frustrated friend said to me, “If you’re going to advance your career, you need to get off you a** and upgrade your skills.” He was right.

The next week, I dove head first into data analysis and specifically sought out Python. Six months after that, I landed my first ‘data job’ as a Senior Analyst at a major tech company in San Francisco.

The hardest part about learning data (or any technical skill) is knowing 1) What to learn and 2) having it digested for the non-technical person.

Data Independent is the answer to break down this learning path and help you up level yourself. You impact and value to your organization will become exponential.